Due to overwhelming interest for therapy covered from health insurance, please count with waiting for months before we can start the sessions.

I recommend private therapists if it is an option for you and waiting for months does not sound good:

 Aleksandra Samardziev: https://psychotherapybrno.cz/           

Tomas Andrasik: https://www.tomandrasik.cz/en/

I am in a systematic psychotherapy training of Gestalt Therapy. At the moment, approximately half of my clients are foreigners.

The services I provide are fully covered by Czech health insurance since July 2019 (all insurance companies except 213). It is necessary to have a recommendation for psychotherapy from your GP/psychiatrist/neurologist. The recommendation should be max 3 months old, so it is practical to visit your doctor after we have planned the first session.

What is realistic to expect from our sessions:

  • Gaining emotional support
  • New perspective or insights
  • Better understanding of self and others
  • Learning new skills
  • More self-compassion
  • Exploring what is there deeper

I will be happy to provide further information by email: psycholog.medalova@gmail.com or put your name on the waiting list straight away. You can expect an email confirmation within 1-3 days.

 Put your name on the waiting list

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