My capacity is completely full at the moment. I can offer putting you on a waiting list (in which case I will contact you as soon as something opens). Also, my services are covered by health insurance since July 2019. If you would prefer a private English speaking therapist, I can recommend Tomas Andrasik: https://www.tomandrasik.cz/en/

I provide psychological counseling to foreigners in English and French, especially in the following subjects:

  • Love life and relationships (individual or couple sessions)
  • Work and lifestyle (career counseling)
  • Crisis Intervention (coping with stress)

My approach combines methods of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Emotion-Focused therapy, both learned during my studies in Switzerland. Furthermore, I am in a systematic psychotherapy training of Gestalt Therapy.  I do not work privately with more serious mental conditions, such as severe depression or PTSD. I will be happy to help you with the questions of everyday life, such as coping with stress, relationship issues, improving communication etc.

What is realistic to expect if we build a good bond:

  • Gaining emotional support
  • New perspective or insights
  • Better understanding of self and others
  • Learning new skills
  • More self-compassion
  • Exploring what is there deeper

The duration of one session is 50 mins. When working with couples, it is useful to have more time (90 min).  I will be happy to provide any further information you need by email: psycholog.medalova@gmail.com or contact me via this form.

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